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We offer a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

Warehousing & Distribution

  • Receiving & shipping
  • Inventory reports
  • Inspecting & processing returns
  • Repacking merchandise
    • Corrugation for repackaging merchandise
    • Warehouse supplies- case packs
    • Warehouse supplies- pick & pack
    • Custom Tape, Labels, Peanuts, skids, etc.
  • Special Project of inspecting merchandise (Shortages, Mold, etc.)
  • Physical inventory at year end
  • Insurance on inventory in warehouse
  • Insurance on in-transit goods
  • Special jobs i.e. repack/relabel
  • Applying for duty drawbacks


  • Factory orders sent to RML office, entry ready
  • Factory/office communications
  • Factory order maintenance/update
  • Factory order monitoring
  • Factory order shipping instructions
  • Bar coded carton labels to Factory
  • Freight to RML in Millersburg

Customer Service

  • Orders sent to RML, 'entry ready'
  • Provide Line and Pricing information
  • Set-up line masters
  • Set-up pricing file (US$)
  • Order entry/maintenance
  • Customer inquiries
  • Order shipping
  • Client inquires
  • Computer generated Status and inquire reports
  • Dedicated customer service personnel

A/R & Credit

  • Credit approval process
    • Factor/Credit Insurance agreement/policies
    • Submitting to Factor/Credit Insurance Agency
    • House Account Decisions (Credit Check/References)
  • Collection of receivables
  • Research disputes & chargebacks
  • Daily preparation of bills of lading,invoices, and packing slips
  • Daily activity reports
  • Review of outstanding problems
  • Day to day relations with customers
  • Dedicated A/R personnel

Management Informations Systems

  • Computer Programming (less than 5 hours per month)
  • Computer Programming (greater than 5 hours per month)
  • Forms (generic)
  • Forms (custom logo)
  • Communications install & coordination
  • Computer equipment coordination in remote locations
  • Computer line to remote locations

EDI/ Internet

  • Mapping / Set-up
  • 850 - Purchase Order receipt
  • 860 - Order maintenance
  • 810 - Invoice transmission
  • ASN transmission
  • 852 - Selling report by Customer (Set-up)

UPC Codes

  • Set-up & fees with UCC (Uniform Code Council)
  • Set-up & fees for QRS catalog, etc.
  • Assigning UPC codes to line
  • Download UPC's to catalog
  • Printing UPC labels
  • Maintaining catalog


  • Dedicated phone line to RML
  • Consulting Services
  • Toll free phone line
  • Daily Mailings (invoices, etc.)
  • Special Projects (mass mailings)


RML - Outsourcing of warehousing and distribution for manufacturers
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