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RML Company News

RML Expansion

RML has moved to a new corporate office location at 100 Church Street in Millersburg. This new office has allowed us to combine all our Customer Service Operations in one location . With this move not only have we provided our clients with impoved network access but we have been able to add additional warehousing space. In the past year we also added a second warehouse at 151 Church Street bringing our total warehouses to three with a combined square footage of UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Data Systems

This last year has certainly been an exciting one for RML.....

We have installed a new server. We backup all pc's nitely to this server. We want to insure that none of your emails, templates, instructions are lost.

We have a new state of the art midrange computer. The size would amaze you. What use to take a whole room now is the size of a small tower.

At the same time that we improved the computer we also did an upgrade to the software version. Some other major innovations have been done to offer our Client mutliple choices.

  • Web/Net Integration - Download orders from your web site to our database.
  • Reporting - Retrieve your reports from our site using your secure id and password.
  • Receive your reports in spreadsheet format or pdf format via email auto generated.
  • Automatic archiving of you reports. Your past email reports will be available upon request.

  • Work In Process

  • Cloud Processing - A totally new web based system. Anticipated rollout End of 2011
  • Print Archiving - All reports will be archived.
  • Full Shipment Processing - Vics and UCC standards with available integration to EDI provider
  • Open House

    We would be proud to give you a tour of our new facilities. Please contact us any time. Let us show your our dedication and commitment first hand.


    RML - Outsourcing of warehousing and distribution for manufacturers
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