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What does RML do?

RML can essentially run a company's back office functions by enabling companies to focus on their core competencies, whether it be designing, marketing or sourcing product. Many small to medium sized businesses do not have the expertise, nor are they particularly interested, in managing the day-to-day back office functions. Some of these time consuming tasks might include finding and paying for a warehouse, spending many hours a day trying to collect money from your retail accounts, or keeping track of inventory and profitability reports. RML can manage these functions and more at a significant cost savings to you. These services include:

•  Warehousing and logistics

•  Marketing and sales support

•  EDI capabilities

•  Customer service

•  Accounts receivable and collections

•  Secure online 24-hour reporting

•  Key relationships with all of the major U.S. retailers

•  Financing/factoring relationships

What type of customers would use RML's services?

RML works with small to medium sized businesses both domestically and abroad. We have worked with clients in a variety of different industries ranging from fashion, giftware, toys, photography, home and garden equipment, and more.

What is the benefit to me?

The largest benefit to you is that we can reduce your overhead costs by as much as 50%. The reasons for this is that you would not have all of the fixed assets associated with getting your products on US retail shelves.

For Example: renting warehouse space, hiring labor to manage customer service, accounts receivable and collections, paying for EDI, invoicing or labels on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, you would have more time to focus on your core business, and we will take care of the rest. Your time will be spent developing and growing your product as opposed to sitting on the phone trying to get money from that little boutique store that hasn't paid you yet. This would be part of our job. Finally, you would have access on a real-time basis through the web to all of your daily reports. This will keep you abreast of what's going on with your product at all times.

Does RML perform EDI?

Absolutely. RML has a license for EDI and has had this capability for a long time. We charge a one-time set up fee for each retailer (that requires EDI) for all of our clients. This includes the mapping, testing, labels, invoicing and ASN. We do NOT charge on a transaction basis for our clients.

For Example: Client A (your company)

  • Retailer/Customer #1 - one time set up fee
  • Retailer/Customer #2 - one time set up fee

How do you keep track of our inventory?

We use a bar-coded inventory control system that keeps track of inventory at all times as product moves through the supply chain. Goods are scanned as soon as they come into the warehouse and are managed throughout the entire process. As inventory moves in and out of the warehouse, inventory levels are adjusted on an automated basis.

What are some of the online reports that I will have access to?

Clients have access to all of their sales and profitability reports online, 24 hours a day. These reports include:

•  Account history

•  Sales report

•  Daily bought and sold reports detailed by size, style, color

•  Accounts receivable aging

•  Monthly commission report

•  Production report by factory

•  Inventory reports

•  Returned goods authorization report

•  Weekly cancellations

•  Credit billing

•  Daily summary of orders taken

•  Monthly cost report

•  ???Best seller????reports (Top 10)


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